Submission Guidelines

Best Practices in Social Media at Non-profit, Public, Education, and Healthcare Organizations: A special issue of Social Science Computer Review (SSCR) Journal

Submission should be made electronically in Word .doc or .docx format (we can not accepted articles in PDF or LaTeX formats), sent to the special issue editor at Please put the term “SSCR-special issue” in your Subject line.

Permission form:

The corresponding author must fill out, sign, and email a pdf file of the original form. Scanning the signed forms to pdf and emailing is required.

Author form:

No original needed; Each author or coauthor should pdf email this form to For multiple-author papers, each author must submit a separate form.

Note: Please send the permission and author forms alongside the submission. Submission without these forms will not be accepted. Submission of signed forms does not constitute acceptance but does expedite manuscripts if accepted. Forms should be sent as .pdf file attachments to the special issue editor, Gohar Feroz Khan, gohar.feroz [at]

Formatting and Styling: Original Manuscripts should be prepared according to the SSCR author guidelines available at:

Quick style guide:

Style guide:

These are for your reference.

1. We must have all these elements in this order: title, authors with institutional affiliations, abstract, keyword list, body, short author bios with email contact info, references, and endnotes (if any).

2. The abstract should contain study conclusions, not just list study topics.

3. APA style references (see the guide, above)

4. Endnotes for comments only, not citations. No footnotes at all.

5. All tables and figures must be on separate pages at the end, numbered and with captions. In the text, all tables and figures must be referred to and all must have call-outs (” [Figure 1 about here]”).

6. All figures must also be supplied in original file format (ex., .jpg, .eps, .tif, etc.). They must be in greyscale, not color (you may wish to have a url to a color version at your site).If possible, figures should be in 300 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution, not 72 (which is screen resolution).

7. If the lead author is Katherine Smith, the main manuscript filename should be smith.doc. Figure filenames should be smith_fig1.tif, smith_fig2.jpg, etc.

8. Everything must be double-spaced, even references, except tables are not double-spaced.

9. Do not use columns or any other special formatting.

10. Use 12 point font (this is needed for page count purposes).

11. The manuscript (including tables and figures) should be within 25 page limit.

12. Left justify only.

13. Please cite articles from the Social Science Computer Review where appropriate. You can search at this page:

14. All submitted papers will be reviewed on a double-blind, peer review basis.

15. The Editor of SSCORE retain the right to reject a paper accepted by the special issue editors, if it is judged not of sufficient quality.

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