Welcome to the Centre for Social Technologies

Interaction facilitated by social technologies (such as social media)  is becoming an integral part of life in contemporary society. Having changed the creation, sharing, and consumption of information, it inevitably must be integrated into the operation of most organizations. While some organizations readily adapt themselves to social technologies, the majority have struggled. Partly, because social is a business culture and mindset not just tools i.e., going social requires a mindset and business culture of openness, transparency, and collaboration.

At Centre for Social Technologies (CST), we investigate and understand strategic, organizational, behavioural, legal, and economic aspects of social technologies. We use interdisciplinary and international research that develops and applies multiple perspectives. Particularly, our major focus is on the following topics.

Social technologies for government

  • Government 2.0 or Social Government
  • Internal/external collaborations mass collaboration
  • Social transaction
  • Service delivery using social technologies
  • Risk- benefit analysis
  • Strategy and policy
  • Citizens engagement
  • Disaster management
  • Knowledge sharing and information dissemination
  • Social analytics

Social technologies for business

  • Enterprise 2.0
  • Social information systems
  • Social Innovation
  • Customers engagement
  • Internal/external collaborations
  • Brand management
  • Measuring the return on investment
  • Social media management
  • Risk- benefit analysis
  • Social analytics

Social technologies for society 

  • Social technologies adoption and diffusion
  • Use behavior
  • Monitoring and measuring social impact
  • Community participation

In short, at CFT through our collaborative efforts, we add bits (drops) of knowledge to the bytes (ocean) of wisdom floating online. Because, here at CFT we believe that every bit of knowledge matters.

Thank you for visiting our research center.


Gohar Feroz Khan, PhD
Founding Director Centre for Social Technologies.


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